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We know that every person is unique and that this diversity applies to the world of running too. Having said that, some people share certain features and we can even distinguish different profiles. Some of them can be appreciated in the Ibiza Marathon and Ibiza 12K. The following types of runners will probably make you think of someone you know. Why don’t you find out which one you are and enjoy the #RunAndFeel experience?

Methodical runner: they always follow the same route when they train. Once and once again, one day after another. They have a strict healthy diet and they never skip any stage of their training programme. They consider running as an exercise to keep fit and reconnect with themselves. They do not feel the need to compete and if they do, they always plan and set themselves specific goals.

Amateur runner: they have just started running. They have all the fears and doubts every inexperienced runner has felt. However, they only let those affect them before the race. Once it has started, all the fears turn into energy and a fast pace that helps them achieve a great personal best. This encourages them to keep facing challenges.

Social runner: they never run alone. They need to be accompanied by, at least, one person. They cannot conceive of running without friends, a training team or sports club. Of course, they are always talking. They are the star of the pack. As for their personal best, do not even ask: they will probably not remember it or they might not have even checked it.

Music-lover runner: they cannot run if they are not listening to music. It does not matter when or where they are running, they always do it with their earphones and listen to the most trending songs. The concept of powersong was formulated for them. Their motivation comes from a good playlist. This will give them energy when they train and, of course, run the race.

Flirting runner: they believe there are always opportunities to meet their significant one and running is not an exception. They flirt at the morning and evening training sessions, while having a beer after the race, if they stop because they sprained their ankle even if the physiotherapist says there is no injury at all. They are heartbreakers or, at least, they their best.

Travelling runner: for them, running is the best pretext to travel the world. Geographical distance does not matter: if they like the destination where a race takes place, they will take part in it and, of course, take a selfie to make everyone in their Whatsapp group jealous. Berlin, London, Boston, Tokyo, Havana New York… or Ibiza.

Warrior runner: they just want to improve their personal best and challenge anyone who crosses their path. They are so obsessed with achieving success that they spend hours studying the race course.

Saving runner: they sign up for races as soon as registration opens to get the best price. We all know someone who does that. In fact, they are searching for races right now and finding out the best time to register. They actually help other fellow runners by encouraging them to register when prices have not risen yet. Planning ahead pays off and that is why they always win.

Minimalist runner: they always attract attention and invite reflection. Is it good to run barefooted? Are they actually wearing sandals? How long can they run wearing those? The only thing that is sure is that they have to watch out for others stepping on their feet. If you get to speak to them, you might have some sort of conversation on the meaning of life. Who knows, perhaps they might help you out with your runner’s problems.

Poser runner: they need to update their social networks before, during and after their training session. They will take a selfie even if it implies risking their own life. They take pictures of their state-of-the-art running shoes, their premium technical sportswear and, of course, a screenshot of the distance they have run as proof of their self-improvement. Some people might criticize them but they know that deep inside everyone is jealous of them. They got their like.

And you, what kind of runner are you? No matter whichever you are, you will feel welcome in Ibiza. Here you can run and feel great. There is still plenty of time before the third edition of our marathon and 12K in April 2019 but it is always good to plan ahead. Just like you are always searching out the best deals on your holidays, why not do the same when it comes to your next challenge? Register before Sunday the 1st of July at 23:59 and lock in the best price. You will not regret it!