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Regulations Ibiza 21K + 21K Relay

Ibiza 21K + 21K Relay


Ibiza 21K + 21K Relay is a relay marathon organized by Talentum Group.

Article 2. DATE AND HOUR

The 2nd edition of the Ibiza 21K + 21K Relay will be held in the evening on Saturday the 10th of April 2020 at 16:00.


The race course will be divided into two legs:

  • First leg: from the start line (Ibiza Port – Obelisc als Corsaris – same location as the Ibiza Marathon) to Santa Gertrudis (km 20). Approximately 20 kilometres*.
  • Second leg: from Santa Gertrudis (relay boxes and handoff area) to the finish line (seafront promenade of Santa Eulària). Approximately 22 kilometres*.

The race will be monitored by race judges from the Athletics Federation of the Balearic Islands (FAIB), who will be in charge of complying with the marathon regulations. An area will be delimited to facilitate the handoff.

*The exact distances covered by each leg will be disclosed by the organization in the future.


The ‘late registration’ period will end on Friday the 9th of April at 20:00 or until available registrations sell out.

The organization reserves the right to modify/extend/limit/end the established registration period. Any changes will be announced through the Ibiza Marathon corporate channels.


All runners shall register via the official website of the event except for specific business and promotional partnerships. If you have any questions about our promotions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

On Friday the 9th of April, runners will be able to register on-site at the Problem Resolution Point of the runner’s fair . These registrations will be subject to a ‘late registration’ fee. On-site registrations do not include customized bib numbers and the availability of different sizes for the complimentary t-shirt cannot be guaranteed.

Registration is personal and non-transferable. Under no circumstances will the amount paid be refunded once the runner has registered. The organizers will accept no liability from individuals. By registering, runners accept these regulations and ensure that they are in perfect health, participate on their own responsibility and that their physical condition is good enough to finish the race.

IBIZA 21K + 21K RELAY – Prices

  • Until the 29th of March – €100
  • Late registration – €120 (until the 3rd of April at 20:00)


During the registration process, runners will sign up as teams. There are three different categories: male, female and mixed.

All Marathon participants must be 18 years or older as of the 10th of April 2020. Runners from all over the world can take part in the race. It is not necessary to be federated or to be a club member to take part in the race. It is compulsory to be duly registered according to the race regulations.


Runner bags, which include the bib number and chip, can be collected at the Runner’s Fair of Ibiza Marathon (on Friday the 9th of April from 10:00 to 20:00 and on Saturday the 10th of April from 10:00 to 13:45), which will be held in the Palau de Congressos (Conference Hall) of Santa Eulària des Riu –location–. In order to collect the bib number and chip, it is compulsory to show the ID card/passport of all the team members (two).

If someone else collects the bib number on behalf of the runner, a specific authorization in writing and an ID card photocopy of both people will be requested.

On Saturday the 10th of April from 14:45 to 16:00 –when the Ibiza 21K + 21K Relay starts–, the organizers will set an emergency point near de start line (Ibiza Port) where runners will find all bib numbers pending collection. No changes (not even in the starting grid nor in the runner’s bag) will be allowed and incidences will not be resolved for late collections.


Timing will be done by means of the number-chip system that all participants will receive when collecting their runner’s bag. There will be a small device on the number that must never be removed from it.

Runners can keep the numbers and chips once the race has finished. Timing points will be set up in the start line, half marathon, relay area and finish line, as well as in two random points prior notification of the technical officials.


Runners cannot start in a box different from the one specified on their number. The Organization reserves the right to disqualify all athletes that start in a box different from the one specified on their number. Runners will line up according to the times, which will be disseminated by the organization on the day before the race. The times will be established according to sports and safety requirements.

Article 8. TIME LIMITS

The time limit to complete the whole distance will be is 5 hours 30 minutes. The time limit for the first leg will be 2 hours 30 minutes and for the second leg it will be 3 hours. Runners will be allowed to finish a bit later but they must abandon the race course once they are overtaken by the support vehicle and the race judge orders their withdrawal.

In addition, the race organizers together with the Athletics Federation of the Balearic Islands (FAIB) have established several cut-off points on the following times:

  • Kilometre 20: from 18:30 onwards.
  • Kilometre 26: from 19:30 onwards.
  • Kilometre 30.5: from 20:00 onwards.

Runners who reach those kilometres later than the established times will be disqualified by the race judges.


REFRESHMENT STANDS.- The Organization will make sure there are drink stations every 10 kilometres

Runners will receive refreshments provided by the organizers when they cross the finish line.

CLOTHES STORAGE.- There will be a free clothes storage facility. The clothes storage facility for the first leg will be located near the start area in Ibiza Port. The exact location will be Obelisc als Corsaris.

The clothes storage facility for the second leg will be located near the finish area in Santa Eulària des Riu, as well as the storage facility for the Ibiza 12K.

All the personal belongings will be transported to the finish area in Santa Eulària des Riu. It will be in that area where runners will be able to collect their belongings. The exact location of the clothes storage in the finish area of the Marathon will be: C/ Passatge d’en Ros – Passeig Marítim de Santa Eulària.

TRANSFERS**.- The race organizers will offer a free bus service to travel from Santa Eulària des Riu to Ibiza and from Santa Eulària des Riu to Santa Gertrudis (handoff/takeover area). A free transfer service from Santa Gertrudis to the finish line will be also offered to those runners who have completed the first leg. The first transfer will be one hour and a half after the starting time and then every half an hour until the race finishes.

MASSAGES.- Free massages will be given to participants at the finishing area of the race course.

RUNNER’S BAGS.- The Organization will try to provide runners with a bag which contains free gifts. Runners will be able to collect their runner’s bags and bib numbers in the Runner’s Fair.


A free transfer service will be available for Ibiza 42K Relay participants. This service will not be available for companions. Those runners willing to use this service must register online first by means of the registration form provided.

Departure – First leg

  • Departure: Santa Eularia des Riu. / Palau de Congresos – Runner’s fair
  • Times: 13:30 / 14:00 / 14:30 / 14:45
  • Arrival: Ibiza Port / Ibiza Marathon start area.

Handoff – Second leg

  • Departure: Santa Eularia des Riu. / Palau de Congresos – Runner’s fair
  • Times: 14:30 / 15:00 / 15:30
  • Arrival: Santa Gertrudis / Relay boxes

Comeback from Santa Gertrudis to the finish area

  • Departure: Santa Gertrudis / Relay boxes
  • Times: Depending on the time when runners arrive, buses will leave when their full capacity is reached or, alternatively, every 30 minutes.
  • Arrival: Santa Eularia des Riu. / Finish area (Av/ Juan Tur Tur – near the race medical services)


Trophies will be given to the first three classified in three different categories –female, male and mixed category–.

Article 11. INSURANCE

The Organization has an insurance policy that covers civil liability in accordance with the legislation in force. All participants are covered by an accident insurance policy. Runners take part in the event on their own responsibility and risk, and they have signed up willingly to participate in the race. Upon registration, participants agree that they are in perfect health to run the race. The Organization denies all responsibility for any injury or damages that race participants may cause to themselves, others or third parties.


The security forces and the corresponding authorities will be in charge of ensuring safety on the streets and the good development of the race in Ibiza and of the race organization. Medical services will be authorized to prevent from running any participant who seems to be at risk.

Non-authorized vehicles and bicycles which are not part of the organization will not be permitted.

Article 13.- CHANGES

The place and the starting and finishing times of any of the races might be altered due to security reasons or force majeure if the corresponding authorities (Spanish security forces or the local government) so request it. The Organization reserves the right to change provided that runners are noticed in due time and that changes are due to proper reasons such as cancellation by the corresponding authorities (the amounts paid will not be refunded in that case).

The organization reserves the right to make any changes to these regulations if it considers it, and must be communicated on the official website of the race and in the information provided to the runner, either through a communication via e-mail or physically.

In the event of extraordinary weather conditions or causes of force majeure not attributable to the organization and making it impossible to hold the race, the organization will not assume any responsibility and will not make any refund of the registration fee.


All runners accept all the articles of these regulations and they agree not to start the race before the time set and to complete the distance established before crossing the finishing line. The Organization reserves the right to act and take the appropriate measures against unsportsmanlike, disrespectful, unfair or violent behaviour.


Upon registration, all participants accept and understand these Regulations, the Protection and Responsibility Disclaimer and the Data Protection Policy. In case of doubt, the Organization’s criteria will prevail.

Protection and Responsibility Disclaimer

Upon registration, all participants agree with the following: ‘I am of appropriate health to run the Ibiza 42K Relay. I absolve the race organizers, sponsors and other race collaborators of any responsibility for any accident or injury I may cause or suffer before, during or after the event. I waive my right to any legal action against the aforementioned entities and persons. I will do my utmost to comply with the race organizers to avoid accidents and injuries.’

However, the organization advises all participants to undergo a full medical exam before the race and the participant must accept all responsibility for any risk associated with sporting activities.


All participants give consent for the Organization to use their personal details, photos, videos and/or any other audiovisual material where they might appear and grant permission for publication of their name forsaking any financial compensation for their use in any mass media and/or the internet and at any time. In addition, this material and the information might be used in future editions and it might be transferred to any sponsor, which might use the personal details, photos or videos (whether it is by means of third parties or not) exclusively for sporting, promotional or commercial purposes.

In compliance with Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, all personal information supplied by race participants and the photos taken in the event will be kept by Talentum Group, as the organizer, and Sportmanicas, as the registration office, for the purposes of race organization, race promotion and dissemination. Participants can access, complain, change or delete their information at any time by written letter with a photocopy of their identity card to the registered office in C/ Muñoz Degraín nº 3 pta. 7, Valencia.

For the purposes of notifications and communications, all participants upon registration authorize contact by email, telephone, mobile telephone, internet and other web/mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, etc.

N.B.: Any conditions or eventualities not covered in this agreement will be ruled by FAIB and RFEA regulations or by the Organization. The Organization reserves the right to modify, amend or complete these regulations by which the race is ruled.