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Thanks to the organizers of Ibiza Marathon and Ibiza 12K, all runners will be able to purchase three different tourist packages which were exclusively designed for the convenience of participants. With the #RunAndFeel tourist packages, runners will be able to book their accommodation for the days before the Ibiza Marathon and purchase either their Ibiza Marathon or Ibiza 12K bib number.

As in previous editions, the official website offers different options that include accommodation, bib numbers, rental vehicles and the services specified below:

#RunAndFeel pack

  • #RunAndFeel pack

For groups or people who want to travel to Ibiza and run the marathon at the best price. It includes a two-night stay at a 3-star hotel with breakfast included, a rental vehicle and the bib number, which can be collected at the hotel.

#RunAndFeel + pack

  • #RunAndFeel + pack

This pack offers additional comfort. It includes a two-night stay in a 3-star hotel with breakfast included both days and a rental vehicle as well as a bib number for the race chosen and the official Ibiza Marathon jacket between other services.

#RunAndFeel ++ pack

  • #RunAndFeel ++ pack

This offer includes a three-night stay at a 4-star hotel all-inclusive, with a premium rental vehicle, a bib number for the chosen race and an official Ibiza Marathon jacket, plus race photos and medal engravement. All comforts included to enjoy the #RunAndFeel experience in a unique way. Runners will collect their bib number at the hotel and they will have access to a special massage service as well as a cloakroom that will be exclusive for them.

Besides these three pre-set packages, runners will be able to book all the services that they may require during their stay and customize their package. We guarantee the best prices and conditions for them.

Runners can also customize their trip to Ibiza and the whole package by contacting Ibiza Sports Travel by phone or e-mail. This option is available for runners, families, clubs or groups, and the latter two will receive additional advantages.

Discover the advantages and the excellent prices available on or the Ibiza Marathon official website

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